San Lorenzo Golf Course Rules

Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews Rules of Golf

The rules applied on the San Lorenzo Golf Course are the rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews .

However, the San Lorenzo Golf Course does have local rules that should be respected during play.

Dress Code   

  • Golfers are requested to observe and adhere to the dress code
  • T-shirts, jeans wear and tennis shoes are not permitted
  • Soft spikes are mandatory to play on all three golf courses

Out of Bounds   

  • The boundaries of the San Lorenzo Golf Course are defined by white posts
  • Any ball coming to rest beyond such posts is out of bounds

Water Hazards   

  • The Ria Formosa to the right of the 6th, 7th and 8th holes - and the lake on the left of the 17th hole are lateral water hazards. Rule 26-1 applies
  • The 18th hole: the lake on to the left of the fairway is a lateral water hazard. The lake in front of the green is a water hazard and the relief from this hazard must be taken in the designated dropping zone

Immovable Obstructions

  • Sprinklers, control boxes, drain covers, paved paths and course furniture are immovable obstructions. Relief may be taken under Rule 24-2
  • Stones and shells may be removed from bunkers provided the lie of the ball is not improved.

Staked trees

  • If a staked tree interferes with a player's stance or intended swing, relief must be taken under rule 24-2 (immovable obstruction)

Golf carts and Paths   

  • Due care must be taken when driving carts (buggies) at all times, especially when crossing public roads
  • It is forbidden for more than two persons to ride in a golf buggy at one time
  • Cart paths other than the artificially-paved are integral part of the San Lorenzo Golf Course

Course Markings

  • White Stakes - Out of Bounds
  • Red Stakes - Lateral Water Hazard
  • Yellow Stakes - Water Hazard
  • Blue Stakes - Ground Under Repair


  • Always rake footprints in bunkers, replace divots and repair all pitch marks
  • Golfers are required to observe and adhere to the dress code

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San Lorenzo Golf Course

One of the most famous golf courses in the Algarve, San Lorenzo is located within the stunning Ria Formosa Estuary and Nature Reserve, and boasts fairways that run alongside saltwater marshes, freshwater lagoons and the cooling Atlantic Ocean. The course is a combination of perfect presentation, amazing scenery and hole after hole of challenging golf.


San Lorenzo Named One of the Top 15 Golf Resorts in Continental Europe by Golf World

In collaboration with its five-star sister hotel, Dona Filipa, San Lorenzo Golf Club has been ranked 15th in the 'Top 100 Golf Resorts in Continental Europe' by Golf World Magazine.